I was almost shot after my ex kidnapped me — Nana

She was nearly shot by a security guard who was carrying a bow and arrow

In Summary

• Ex abducted her and took her home, where her escape led her to a security guard

King Kaka and wife Nana Owiti
King Kaka and wife Nana Owiti
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King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti, says her ex-boyfriend once kidnapped her.

She revisited the ordeal while discussing the worst break-up experiences with her colleagues during The Chatspot talk show.

Nana recounted how she had been out having drinks with her girlfriends right before the incident, when the ex-boyfriend approached her and pleaded with her to step outside with him 'just to talk'.


“By the time I went out, I found some motorbikes guys, a car over there open and they lifted me and forced me in the car," she said.

"I’m thinking what’s happening? So I’m biting him for real and then I’m like okay, it's 3 am, I’ve downed a whole bottle of wine, what do I do now?” 

She said the man forcibly tied her up and restrained her in his car. Despite her fighting back, even biting him, she was unable to fight him off.

The mother of two said the frightening incident did not end there, as the disturbed culprit drove her to his home, where she managed to escape after hitting him.

The man bizarrely chased her into the darkness after her escape, throwing stones and deceived the watchmen that she was a thief.

Nana said she was nearly shot by a security guard who was carrying a bow and arrow.

Luckily, she discovered that she and the guard shared a Kamba ethnicity and decided to explain to him what was happening.

She survived the scary kidnap after borrowing the guard’s phone, which she used to call her friends to pick her up.

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