Harmonize's 'AfroEast' deleted from YouTube

Singer has had a troubled trajectory since leaving WCB

In Summary

• The album had garnered millions of views before being pulled down

Image: Courtesy

Early this month, Harmonize released his album, titled AfroEast. The album was put on different music platforms.

However, early this week, it was pulled down from some of those platforms, including YouTube, where it had garnered millions of views. Fans wondered why.

The singer has started loading back the songs, which fans have already listened to, hence the fresh videos have very little views. Tanzanian media pundits claim the singer might have gotten into trouble for sampling other people’s work, hence bringing about copyright issues.


Last year, Harmonize got into trouble with Kenyan producer Magix Enga for borrowing the idea of his song ‘Dundaing’ without consent.

Harmonize’s song ‘Uno’ was pulled down and later put back after Enga said he had forgiven him.

Harmonize later took to Instagram to write, “Challenges will never kill you. It’s just making you stronger. Take it from me. Thanks to my Management Konde gang and everyone who supports me. My People, I’m happy to tell you that our number one song is back again louder on Youtube.”