'El-Shaddai' by H_art the Band wins Kenyans' hearts

The song is meant to create awareness on mental health and self-expression

In Summary

• It is trending at number three on YouTube

H_art the Band
H_art the Band
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H_art the Band's new song 'El-Shaddai' featuring Cedo has become a fan favourite, especially during this quarantine period.

The song is meant to create awareness on mental health and the importance of saying what you feel as opposed to bottling it. The song marks the start of a campaign called ' #ItakuwaFine', which means, 'All will be well'.

In an earlier interview, the band members said they are all introverts, hence the need to start this campaign to help people like them who don't dare to express how they feel.

With the world currently going through turbulent times, band member Mordecai said, "...Through music, I can express myself, heal myself and others, make an impact and ultimately, touch and change lives.

"This song did this and much more for me. I hope it does the same for anyone who hears it during these trying times."

'El-Shaddai' is now trending at number three on YouTube.

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