I was hurt when Nyashinski got married, says Huddah

She joins a list of admirers including Njugush's wife Celestine

In Summary

• The socialite admitted in a YouTube interview she had a crush on the singer

Musician Nyashinski and Socialite Huddah Monroe
Musician Nyashinski and Socialite Huddah Monroe

Socialite Huddah Monroe says she was among the women hurt by Nyashinski’s decision to settle down.

In a recent YouTube interview, Huddah also said she had a crush on Nyashinski.

“I was disappointed when he got married, I had a crush on him!” she said


Nyashinski broke many women’s hearts late last year when news broke that he is officially off the market, having held his traditional wedding.

During Valentine’s Day, a group of women gathered at the Freedom Corner to protest the singer’s marriage.

They were dressed in white and pink T-shirts that had Nyashinski’s face printed on them.

“We have gathered to express our unhappiness, our discomfort with our friend, our superstar, our bachelor Nyashinski, choosing to leave his bachelorhood and get married,” one of them said.

"Kwanza hakutuambia, hatukujua yuko na girlfriend, na all of a sudden akatuambia. So we are gathered here today to express our freedom of speech to express our unhappiness and as you can see, Nyashinski means a lot to us."

Njugush's wife Celestine has also in the past admitted she had a thing for the singer.

Nyashinski is now a father after welcoming his child a few weeks ago.