DJ Evolve recovering after third surgery

Only his mother is allowed to be close to him, and she must wear a mask

In Summary

• Surgery was meant to ensure the wound can heal as quickly as possible

DJ Evolve
DJ Evolve
Image: courtesy

DJ Evolve, real name Felix Orinda, is recovering well after his third surgery.

DJ Shock, who has been keeping in touch with the family, said Evolve is doing well.

“He is still recovering but only his mother is allowed to be close to him, other visitors wave from the outside of the glass," Shock said.

"This was after his third surgery so the wound can heal as quickly as possible."

His mother has to wear a mask and apron when she enters his ward.


“It's not to do with Covid-19. This was the protocol even before it was in the country,” Shock said.

“Yes, the nurses clean the wound every five days, as he now has movement in his arms. Eventually his legs will respond as well. I believe, too, he will make a full recovery.”

However, despite this good news, the family is wary of the growing hospital bill.

Early this month, a High Court judge Luka Kimaru ruled the order to pay the bill could only be issued by a civil court and not a criminal court.

“The accused person should continue paying the hospital bill as a moral duty to him, not as a court order. If he fails to pay, it is up to him and his God,” Kimaru ruled.

The family has reservations if Embakasi MP Babu Owino will help them settle the hospital bill that keeps skyrocketing. Already, it is almost hitting the Sh13 million mark.


Babu Owino is accused of shooting DJ Evolve in the neck on January 16 at B Club on Galana Road, Kilimani. The case is ongoing.

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