Akothee tells women to be careful with men

Unwanted pregnancies lead to court battles over child support, she cautioned

In Summary

• Becoming a baby mama leaves one with shared responsibilities until the child is 18

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Singer Akothee has urged women to be careful with men they get children with.

The mother of five urged women to avoid getting unwanted pregnancies, lest they spend the rest of their lives in court, suing over child support.

"Never blame a man for ruining your life, your life is in your hands and the power is in your legs, engage your brain and disconnect your heart for now, and think straight," she said.

Akothee said it is every woman's choice, adding that there is no accident in getting pregnant.

She said women should make sure a man invests heavily before agreeing to get pregnant for him to avoid running to court to sue him.

"If you want a child, then invest first, I have no time to chase you around from one court to the other, from another lawyer to a counsellor," she said.

"There is no baby mama who ever moves on. As long as we have a child with you, responsibilities never move on until the child attains an age where they can feed themselves." 

Akothee’s piece of advice came barely a week after word went round that Tanasha Donna is allegedly suing Diamond for child support after they broke up.