Corona stigma keeps Mercy Kyallo home

She is self-medicating her flu to avoid public fears

In Summary

• People are panicking if someone coughs or sneezes in a public space

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy Kyallo

With widespread panic over the coronavirus pandemic, some people are experiencing stigma when they suffer from anything resembling the virus.

Since some of the Covid-19 symptoms are similar to those of a common cold, there is fear if someone coughs or sneezes in a public space, for example.

One person who is already feeling the effect is Betty Kyallo’s sister, Mercy Kyallo.

Taking to Instagram, Mercy, who is currently battling flu, says she’s left battling the stigma and fear surrounding coronavirus.

She wrote, "Basking. The Stigma around Corona has me self-medicating my flu. Every sneeze and everyone around me wants to run & hide. Staying home & warm."

Glam by Terbzray echoed her, saying, "I know jaana I sneezed in a matatu and the lady next to me had to change seats."