Ringtone's baby mama sues Weezdom

Weezdom reported for alleging that she and her baby sleep hungry

In Summary

• Weezdom shared a defamatory photo of Ringtone's child on social media

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A woman who has sired a child with singer Ringtone has reported a case with the police against Weezdom.

The woman, whose identity we cannot reveal to protect the minor, went to the police and reported Weezdom for alleging that she and her baby sleep hungry.

The case has been reported under OB No  31/02/03/2020 14:00hrs at Kiamumbi police station, Kahawa West.


Weezdom shared a post and a photo of the toddler in a defamatory Instagram post, which purported to expose and embarrass Ringtone.

Well, the star’s baby mama resorted the EMB-signed artiste after he blatantly refused to pull down the post.

Speaking to Word Is over the weekend, she said, “I have gone off social media because I don’t want the limelight and then I see Weezdom sharing my baby on social media. I called him and he was very rude."

Adding, “He told me he had the right to put whatever he likes on Instagram and that he knows big people in the government.”

The frustrated mother said, “It hurt me because I have a family to protect.”

In 2016, she exposed Ringtone for not providing child support, which seems to have been settled.


When asked about it, she said, “Child support issue is between me and Alex (ringtone).”

The baby mama believes Weezdom and Ringtone have issues, which she is requesting not to be involved in. And more so, her child.