Gengetone a sound 'to be reckoned with'

Bongo star likes it and doesn't mind collaboing with its practitioners

In Summary

• Darassa says Gengetone has improved the music industry

Image: Courtesy

Darassa has appreciated the new Kenyan sound Gengetone, which he says has been a great improvement for the music industry.

"Gengetone is a good sound that I like and appreciate. I have been listening to the people doing this genre and I don't mind linking with them, but I have to give them respect for what they are doing," he said.

He went on to praise Jua Cali for supporting the sound. "I knew Jua Cali with Genge but I can see he is now supporting Gengetone and big up to him and much respect," he said.

Darassa has released a collabo with South African singer Sho Madjozi called "I Like It".

"I was introduced to Show Madjozi by my producer Abba," Darassa said. "We linked and created the collabo, whose video was shot in South Africa. She wrote her lyrics and her Kiswahili is very legit."