Dancer assault case was injustice — Koffi Olomide

He was deported over the incident in 2016

In Summary

• Popular singer says the media misrepresented what happened

Koffi Olomide
Koffi Olomide
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Congolese Soukous singer Koffi Olomide is back in the country after being deported in 2016 for assaulting his dancer at the JKIA.

He is set to headline a show in May at the Carnivore. Speaking to journalists on Monday, the 'Selfie' hitmaker said he was the victim of injustice.

"I am four years late. I'm sorry to be late for four years but today I'm very happy to be back in Kenya. I missed you so much. I was so sad because I felt like injustice what happened to me," he said.


"Thank you to the government for allowing me to come here again."

Through his lawyer Prof Wajackoyah, he explained the incident in 2016.

"On that material day, something happened which the media didn't want to investigate. The media took advantage of what they saw. Koffi is a huge man and if he hits you, you die. If he hits a woman, somebody will end up in the hospital," he said.

"The lady in question had a problem on the plane. Koffi came out while he was addressing the media. The lady had been arrested by KQ for something she had also done in Abidjan. She had stolen something.

"She had to be reprimanded in Abidjan and she did the same thing in KQ. When Koffi was addressing the media, they told Koffi about it and he banged into a suitcase, where we can verify in the video. Somebody somewhere took advantage and said Koffi kicked a woman. He didn't do that but we are Kenyans and speculators.

"If he had actually kicked a woman in this country, he ought to have been taken to court and charged with assault and the woman would have taken a P3 form."

Olomide said there are things about the incident that have never been unravelled.


"If women of Kenya know what happened, it could have been a big shame to me because the dancer is mine. That's why since then, I have never spoken about it. I'm not proud to speak about it. I am a Christian and I know how to forgive," he said.

"I also forgave the cameraman, I did an interview and I didn't see it but only that particular video."

He also cleared the air that he has not been banned from France.

"My family and I live there," he said.

He said his issue with a Zambian photographer was because he wanted to take a photo of his half-naked dancers who had just gotten from the stage.