Churchill is the messiah of comedy, says MC Jessy

He has uncovered talent and given it unparalleled platform, he says

In Summary

• MC Jessy has worked with churchill for over 10 years

MC Jessy
MC Jessy
Image: Moses Mwangi

Churchill Show comedian MC Jessy, who has been in the laugh industry for over a decade, has described Comedian Daniel "Churchill"  Ndambuki as the industry's messiah.

Speaking in Meru during the launch of Coca Cola Bila Sukari products over the weekend, he said, "He is the messiah of comedy for us. He is the one who got us from Egypt and we are on a journey.

"We are yet to get to Canaan, but maybe God will send a Joshua, maybe me, MCA Tricky, Professor Harmo or anyone of us will be the Joshua to take us to Canaan. That's the respect and honour I have for my brother Churchill and I love him so much."

Jessy revisited how he met Churchill over 10 years ago. "We met in a toilet. I told him I wanted to go back to Meru a different person and change the lives and mindsets of young people. Churchill and I brought the best event in Meru," he said.


"God has used him to be a blessing to us. We honour him like that. Personally, he has changed my life in a major way. God used him to lift others. Every single day, I thank God for that guy. If we do a show and we don't make money, imagine Churchill is the one who is able to carry the burden."

He went on to praise Ndambuki and shut down rumours that some comedians are underpaid. 

"This guy has done tremendously well, I thank God for him every day. For 10 years, I have never stayed a week without work. I don't need to go to Churchill to pay me and I forget sometimes about my salary because I will be paid in my other jobs because they first saw me at Churchill Show," he said.

"Many radio stations have auditioned our comedians to take up art in their companies. These are the opportunities that are available and it's not about money. "

Jessy rated the show as the best in the continent compared to other countries

"If it wasn't for Churchill, you wouldn't have known me, we should give him credit. We have been across the country and it is the best comedy platform in Africa. Nigerians have put Laugh Festival as the biggest platform they have performed in. We have gone to other countries and seen what they have to offer and I can testify that Churchill Show is the best."


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