Size 8 explains near-death experience

'Over the roof' blood pressure caused a scare

In Summary

• Size 8 experienced high blood pressure on Sunday

Size 8
Size 8
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Gospel singer Size 8 says she was afraid her blood pressure would lead to the loss of her life.

She wrote on Instagram on Monday, "Yesterday my blood pressure was over the roof, so high the pharmacist kept asking me how is it that you are walking with those pressure readings? You should be hospitalised, unable to function or even in ICU. I answered him well I am living because Yahweh decided that I live not because of my body condition."

Adding, "I wouldn't lie, at some point I was afraid to sleep. I thought I may not wake up, but the holy spirit reminded me of Paul the apostle, who God told he must go to Rome so even when he was found in a shipwreck or the deadly snake bit him, he never was afraid. He knew he can't die. He must reach Rome because God says he will."