Ellenor Kim debuts with song 'Melanin'

The song is about the appreciation of dark- or brown-skinned beauty

In Summary

• Ellenor musical journey began at the age of six

• She would participate in musical events like the music festivals in both primary and secondary school, where she honed her singing and drumming skills

Ellenor Kim
Ellenor Kim
Image: Elizabeth Ngigi

Singer Ellenor Kim has unleashed her debut single, 'Melanin' both as an audio and a video. The song is about the appreciation of dark- or brown-skinned beauty.

As a dark-skinned girl, Kim says she has witnessed firsthand the discrimination against dark women.

"It hurts and I was inspired to make a groovy but inspirational song for all black women and men," she said in a statement.

"Over the years there has been a lot of societal discrimination (knowingly/unknowingly) towards people of dark complexion especially women.


"In some professions, especially the media, it is common to see their preference for light-skinned women when scouting for talents like news anchors."

She blamed the trend for low esteem and discontentment among women.

The singer says 'Melalin' is "a dedication to this special group of African queens and kings. Anyone who has been a victim of this discrimination should be get inspired and be comfortable in their skin whenever they hear this song."