Lilian Muli opens a beauty parlour

Despite market being flooded, she is confident demand is high

In Summary

• Having gone to a salon all her life, she knows the services needed

Lilian Muli
Lilian Muli
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Citizen TV anchor Lilian Muli has opened an exquisite beauty parlour 'La modelle' at Sound Plaza in Woodvale Grove, Nairobi.

Speaking to Word Is, Lilian says La Modelle targets everyone but it's pretty much for the high-end. "It is international standards," she said.

Lilian's parlour offers a range of services, including hair, make-up, spa, hair cuts pedicures, manicures among others. She says having gone to a salon all her life, she has the experience to know the services she has been having and those she has not been getting.

"We have so many services in salons and I know the services that are lacking. I knew I wanted to have a certain feel for the salon and that is what I have done to make sure those who come will get the services they want," she said.

Being in the media also inspired her to want to have a salon that will make people look good. "I visit a salon every day and so it is easy to know what fits well with people," Lilian said.

On whether she is afraid the salon business is overflooded, Lilian says the demand is high. "Just like other businesses like M-pesa, hospitals, which are so many, I believe everyone has got something unique to offer. There is room for all of us as long as the demand is there, you cannot say that the business is overrated," she said.

Adding, "It is deliberately situated where it is because there are a lot of corporates around who will come there."

Lilian joins celebrities who have previously launched beauty parlours that offer a range of beauty-related services. These include K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo, businessperson Vera Sidika and fashion model Susan Kaittany.