Nimo, Seed mark love anniversary

Five years in love, one year in marriage

In Summary

• They don't want be labelled as couple goals because they are a 'real, normal couple'

Nimo Gachuiri and husband Mr Seed
Nimo Gachuiri and husband Mr Seed
Image: Mr Seed

Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri celebrated five years in love and a one-year marriage anniversary yesterday.

Speaking to Word Is, Nimo said she appreciates that although their journey has not been smooth, Mr Seed has never failed to be supportive.

"I never want us to be labelled as couple goals, coz we are not goals, we are a real, normal couple like any other," she said.

"But one thing for sure is I love this man so much coz he cries with me, understands my pain, encourages me and most importantly loves me."


The couple held their traditional wedding ceremony last year in August at a colourful ceremony that took place at Nimo’s parents’ place in Kasarani, Nairobi.

Nimo also thanked her husband for always being present for their son.

"And I am never afraid to post publicly that I love him deeply without fear of what might happen in the future, simply because he makes me so happy at this moment and we will live this moment like it is last," she said.