I walked home after a date, says Churchill

He put on a brave face while she ate

In Summary

• The girl ordered half a chicken, costing him all his pocket money

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Comedian Churchill has reminisced on a day he walked home after spending all the cash he had on a date.

Sharing about this on Churchill Show on Sunday, he said back in the ’90s, he took a woman out on a date and she ordered half a chicken.

"I asked, ‘Ya hapa ama ya wapi?' I tried to convince her to at least order two sausages but she stuck by what she wanted," he said.


Shocked at the request, considering he had very little cash in his pockets, Churchill put on a brave face.

"While she ate, I was just watching her. I pretended to be fasting as Jesus did back in the day," he said.

Every time she chewed, nlikua naskia uchungu nkikumbuka nitatembea miguu going back home. Eventually, that is what I did, I walked all the way."