Fans 'want' Khaligraph to collabo with Nyashinski

They have been wondering when the two stars would collaborate

In Summary

• Rapper says he was ' just echoing the voice of the fans' in suggesting it in his song

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones
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Khaligraph Jones has defended himself after he alleged in his new song ‘Yes, Bana’ that Nyashinski denied him a chance to do a collabo with him.

The song, in which he features Bien of Sauti Sol, was released on Thursday last week.

Partly the lyrics say, "Shinki collabo tufanye? Yes, bana. Tushike from Dago to Kani. Yes, Bana. Into bradhangu, wasema ni? Yes, Bana. Usitry kunishow haiwezekani. Yes, bana."

Explaining that during an exclusive interview with Word Is, Khaligraph said, "He has not refused, I am just echoing the voice of the fans. Sometimes they ask me when am I releasing a song with Nyashinski. Kama inafanyika, ifanyike."

On why he chose to collaborate with Bien in his new jam, Khaligraph said, "Bien is a very good friend of mine, and he is used to doing a different genre of songs. So I wanted to introduce him to hip hop."

Blu Ink Corp presents Yes Bana By Khaligraph Jones ft Bien. The song is recorded and Produced at Blu Ink studios by Producer Motif VIdeo Directed by RIcky ...