Bahati gets Peter Blessings song pulled from YouTube

Thank-you song not appreciated

In Summary

• Peter released a song called 'Why', but Bahati took issue with being mentioned

Peter Blessing in court
Peter Blessing in court

EMB Records CEO Bahati has struck upcoming singer Peter Blessing’s song after the singer mentioned him in his song.

Peter Blessing released a song called 'Why', appreciating Bahati for helping him. But this did not go well with the star.

The song was pulled down from YouTube, returned, then pulled down again after Bahati reported the video.

Speaking to Word Is, Peter Blessing said he doesn't understand why his song was pulled down. "I thanked Bahati in my song because I have no problem with him and because he helped me, but I’ve left everything for the lawyers to deal with," he said.

A source told Word Is the EMB boss claims Peter used his trademark name Bahati, yet he had warned him and producer Paulo against mentioning his name anywhere.