As Akorino fraternity we embrace BBI, says Karangu

He says they cannot be intimidated by any troll

In Summary

• Singer received backlash after releasing a song in favour of the BBI

Job Ayub, Charles Konde and Karangu Muraya
Job Ayub, Charles Konde and Karangu Muraya

Kikuyu gospel singer Karangu wa Kuraya has responded to trolls that came after the release of their BBI song.

Speaking to Word Is on Tuesday, Karangu said they are representing the Akorino fraternity, who have always been left behind in matters concerning the country.

"We are not a sect but Christians, and so our views count in this country. We follow everything that is happening and this time around, we have to speak our part, which is supporting the President by embracing the BBI," he said.


The song speaks about developments that have been done by President Uhuru Kenyatta and the peace achieved after the handshake between the President and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

"After the handshake, the country has been peaceful and even in our places of worship, we now have people from all tribes unlike before," Karangu said.

After the song was released, the singer received a massive backlash from followers on social media platforms. Many were against the song, saying they are misleading Kenyans by supporting BBI.

Francisco Mbugua wrote, "Stupidity... I give them one year and they will sing opposite of this shit song."

Karangu said, "We cannot be intimidated by any troll because that is our personal opinion and in Kenya, we have freedom of speech."

Adding, "There comes a time, we put facts in front. We are not fighting Ruto but what we are saying is because there is peace in our estates right now, then let's embrace the handshake.

"Even if everyone will be against the song, we will continue supporting the BBI."

Asked if the song is funded by any politician, Karangu said no. "No politician has reached out to us after we released the song," he said.

Karangu and his team attended the BBI rally over the weekend in Mombasa.


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