Lend me Sh1m, cries broke artiste

Shylock warned against giving him the money

In Summary

• He is a spendthrift who is full of scandals

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The new-look Kenyan currency notes

A top controversial artiste who's known for borrowing money is currently fishing for a money lender.

The artiste, whose life is full of scandals, is said to have recently reached out to a local businessman, asking for more than a million shillings.


The artiste lives beyond his means and close friends to the 'shylock' have warned him against lending him money.

This comes amid word that the artiste, who's said to have various endorsement deals with corporates as a brand, is crying that he's broke. He promised to refund the cash once corporates pay him.

This is the same artiste who couldn't afford to pay a Sh200,000 loan even after he was taken to court and compelled to pay.