Former EMB producer released after Bahati got him arrested

He'd been arrested alongside singer Peter Blessing, released and rearrested

In Summary

• He is feeling intimidated due to arrests by the police day in day out

Producer Paulo
Producer Paulo
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Former EMB producer Paulo was on Sunday released on Sh10,000 police bond after spending a night at Central police station.

This was after Bahati got him rearrested on Saturday 10pm.

Paulo has been working with the EMB record label’s founder and last week, he was arrested alongside singer Peter Blessing. The reason for being arrested is not clear, but it comes after he dared support Peter Blessing in his bid to ditch EMB.

The producer was later released, leaving Peter languishing in the police cells, where he spent three nights before a good Samaritan came to his rescue.

Speaking about Paulo’s second arrest, his lawyer Mr Kioko told Word Is the producer was arrested within the CBD after he was called by someone claiming to have an award he had won some time back at Mwafaka awards. He later found out it was a setup.

He added, "Bahati and Weezdom showed up at the police station, claiming the producer was going around spoiling his name in media interviews, yet they had agreed before that he wasn’t supposed to talk about the first arrest and what happened anywhere."

Paulo was booked under an OB number we cannot share at the moment, but according to Kioko, the police said he was arrested because of stealing.

"I was told he stole studio equipment from Bahati, but according to several sources, the singer gave Paulo the equipment when he was upgrading the EMB studio," the lawyer said.

Bahati has previously been accused of using the police to mistreat and frustrate artistes signed under him in case they disagree on anything.

"I perceive this (Paulo’s case) to be intimidation and sabotage. We have decided to move to court once Bahati records a statement with the police," Mr Kioko said.

Adding, "We will be happy to go to court and solve this case. Our client is feeling so much intimidated day in day out, arrests by the police."

When Word Is reached out to Bahati, he did not pick our calls.