Terence still communicating with 'side chick'

He had apologised to his wife last year amid claims he cheated on her

In Summary

• Anita Soina, 20, has unleashed a screenshot showing recent chats

Terence with his wife Milly Chebet
Terence with his wife Milly Chebet
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Terence Creative is still in communication with his 'side chick' Anita even after he apologised to his wife in December last year.

He wrote on Instagram at the time, "Enemies want us to separate but our love will live forever."

Adding, "Those who wished us to separate are now ashamed. They waited to laugh at us but that’s not going to happen. I fell in love with you and will forever love you."


Now, Anita Soina, 20, has unleashed a damning screenshot. In it, it is clear that Terence was trying his best to get in touch with Anita.

This is as late as mid last month. When he calls and misses her a couple of times, a desperate Terence then texts Anita saying, “Kulenga nayo!”

To this, he gets radio silence.

Anita unleashed the screenshot after an Instagram account trolled her on Saturday night, when she went live while on air with Annitah Raey on her show on Hot 96.

When Word Is reached out to Terence, he said, "No comment."