Sauti Sol set to release album

The album will come out next month

In Summary

• They took a one-year break to restructure and adapt to their new management

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is set to release an album in February after a one-year break.

The boy band only released a single, 'Extravaganza', a song in Kiswahili with a touch of Rhumba, featuring their new signees Sol Generation.

Speaking to Word Is, Bien said they took a one-year break to restructure and even adapt to their new management. "We allowed our signees to be known but now we are good," he said.

"We also took time and recorded our album in South Africa and now we are good to go. It is going to be a big thing for Sol Generation." 

The album has 20 songs, mostly Rhumba music, with local and international artistes. 

Sol Generation signees will also release an album and sign more artistes.

Sol Generation members include Crystal Asige, BenSoul, Kaskazini (a Kenyan urban-fusion trio formed by Chris, Ywaya and Israel) and Nviiri.