Dennis Mailu flies Kenyan flag in Hollywood

The actor moved to the UK and now resides in Los Angeles

In Summary

• He has featured in films including 'Cést Parfait', 'Flawless' and 'Why me' documentary

Dennis Mailu
Dennis Mailu
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Dennis Mailu, a Kenyan who moved to the UK and is now residing in Los Angeles, is developing his artistic talent in Hollywood.

He said in a statement he was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and from a very young age, he has always been fascinated by the performing arts, particularly acting and drama.

“I acted in various plays during my high school whenever the opportunity arose," he said.

He then pursued university education in the UK, where he attained a degree in Environmental Science, a Masters Degree in Environmental Management and thereafter pursued his PhD studies in Human Geography, completing his study in July 2016.

During this period, his love for acting and performing was still intact and he was part of Dance and Drama societies.

“I partook in theatre plays that include the 'The American Way' and 'Peter Pan'. My pursuit and journey in screen acting began in London, where I attended classes that further led me to film school in Los Angeles, California," he said.

"After my graduation, I have been working and have been in up and coming short films, including 'Cést Parfait', 'Flawless', 'Why me' documentary, online promos, and Buzzfeed interviews."

In 2019, Mailu had an accident during a workout, an obstacle that affected his acting career.

"I broke my patella (kneecap) in half during a workout. I had to undergo surgery with wires and screws fitted into my knee, as well as being bedridden for three months," he said.

"Overcoming injury would later help me deal with the hardships of the auditioning process, in particular, not always securing the role. However, I would be grateful that I had the ability to make it to the audition room."

"I have learned that all luck, whether good or bad, can help heal or create a mindset. Breaking my kneecap can be seen as bad luck, but it was only a setup for the greater comeback. I am stronger because of it."

A piece of advice to other actors is to see their bodies as their a business. "I believe as an actor, one has to develop a brand. My business consists of not only my talent but also my body. This translates to making sure I take care of my body as the vessel I use to perform. I enjoy eating healthy, working out and embracing life. Self-care is important in realising where your strengths lie."

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