Dating Vera elevated my career, says Otile Brown

Singer says the hype around being with her took his career to the next level.

In Summary

• Otile recounts the time as a boost since she is a household name.

The singer went on to say that Sidika is the one who hit on him.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown
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Singer Otile Brown has credited Vera Sidika for elevating his career when he was dating her.

Speaking to Wasafi FM, he said, "It elevated my career to the next level, I was dating one of the biggest socialites in Africa. It was meant to be like that because people love relationship and drama. I was making money and my things were going right. I appreciate her for that."

Adding, "But I used to do well before Vera."


The singer went on to say that Sidika is the one who hit on him.

"People do not know but I have never seduced Vera. She is the one who looked for me. She used to call me and I wasn't picking her calls. I've never desired her and neither had I followed up on her, it was all her. I have no reason to lie about this. I have been quiet about all this for a pretty long time," he said.

"I never desired her because I also never stalked her, I wasn't attracted to her romantically. I knew there was a woman called Vee and I never thought of being with her. She really called my manager. She called for like three days. She is an ambitious woman."

Brown has learnt to keep his things confidential even when in a relationship.

"The whole situation broke my heart. I learnt to be keen and keep quiet so that people don't use it against me if anything happens in that relationship. For some reason, many relationships end badly," he said.

Otile has since moved on with an Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabayet. Vera, on the other hand, is dating a Tanzanian doctor by the name Jimmy Chansa.

Otile is currently promoting his new song, 'The Way You Are'.