Losing job helped Mercy Kyallo start own business

She learnt something from watching motivational speakers on YouTube

In Summary

• Mercy Kyallo started her own company after she was fired by former employer

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy Kyallo
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Mercy Kyallo says she experienced a two-month depression after losing her job.

In her YouTube channel, she said, "I had lost my job and on that fateful day, I packed my stuff and went home. I was depressed for two months."

Mercy, the CEO of Yallo Leather, said she had made 23 bags, which she had stocked at a shop in Village Market, but had only sold one by the time she was fired.


"My salary used to sustain the business but after I lost my job, all that was gone," she said.

She explained how she used to watch YouTube motivational speakers, and it is from them she learnt something.

"I didn’t want to stay home for another month and overwhelm my partner. I decided to call people, marketing my bags, and it is from there I started selling one after another," she said.

That paved a way for her in the flooded market, and she currently sells her products online. Mercy gives credit to YouTube for helping her grow into a strong businesswoman. 

Mercy Kyallo’s elder sister Betty, CEO of the Flair by Betty salon, in a past interview with the Star said she took a loan and her savings to start the business.

"Not easy starting a business. Flair is one of the hardest things I have ever done. For any entrepreneur, funds are the hardest thing in this country. I had made some savings with my sacco but it wasn’t enough to start flair," she said.

"I went to my bank and took a loan after we agreed on how much I was going to pay every month. I want to encourage anyone out there with a fantastic idea not to sit on it because of lack of funds, but visit their banks and apply for loans."