Avril: I’d hate to be Naiboi’s girlfriend

She said she would hate to be his girlfriend

In Summary

• Avril and Naiboi started beefing in 2018 over a music video

Kenyan Musicians Naiboi and Avril
Kenyan Musicians Naiboi and Avril
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Singers Avril and Naiboi have traded fresh blows in the fallout triggered in 2018, when Avril refused to be part of Naiboi’s '2 in 1' video.

Naiboi shared a video on Instagram, saying, "Which female artiste would you want me to do a collabo with whose vibe will go with mine? Please let me know who you think of, I shouldn't hear Avril. No Avril in the comments, just keeping it real."

Avril commented on Naiboi’s video, telling him off. "Dude kwani nilibreak heart yako aje? Tweny twenty haitaki makasiriko za 2018, holding on for two years? I’d hate to be your chick. Forgive and forget," she said.

Naiboi fired back, telling the 'Chokoza' hit singer to keep off his page.

"That’s why you have your own IG account. Enda uandike hizi vitu huko. Thats why you’re not my girlfriend."