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Bebe Cool lauds 'Parte after parte' hitmaker

Bebe Cool cited him as among the best Ugandan artistes of 2019

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• Ugandan ragga star shared a controversial list of his best artistes in 2019

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool
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Ugandan singer Moses Ssali, better known as Bebe Cool, has been the talk of the week after he released a list of artists he considered great in 2019.

The 'Mbozi za Malwa' hitmaker has received praise and criticism from some of his fellow Ugandan artistes.

Bebe took to Facebook to name them, among them his frenemy Pallaso, Eddy Kenzo and the youngest Ugandan rapper Fresh Kid.

He also recognised Big Trill, the 'Parte After Parte' hitmaker, for putting Uganda on the map. "The song emerged the biggest song to represent us internationally. It is on every DJ's playlist in Africa. The name of the song, however, overshadowed the song itself and the artist."

Other artistes on his list include Sheeba Karungi, Vinka, Spice Diana, Fik Fameika, John Black and Cindy Sanyu.

"Pallaso. It is unfortunate that this fellow has an unlikeable character, and it surprises me that his songs gained some level of traction this year. Nevertheless, he deserves credit," he wrote.

"Eddy Kenzo (Semyekozo). My brother had taken quite some time without a hit song but I can authoritatively say he has it now. I don’t care if it comes as a sympathy song but it ranked among the top songs as the year ended.

"Fresh Kid. He is an amazing young talent with a lot of potential, if he is given the right direction. I love him and will support him where need be."

Bebe went on to also praise himself for his contribution to the Ugandan music industry. "I undoubtedly remain on top of the pack for yet another 20-something year," he wrote.

"My consistence is mainly attributed to the quality of my audios & videos as well as the versatility in my music styles. I believe that my level of popularity would have been much higher if not for my political lineage that splits some of my music fans. I must say thou I have received overwhelming praise for my good music from even those with a divergent political lineage."

He said the list was as a result of the moral authority vested in him by his 20 years' experience in the music industry.