Mishi Dorah denies beating up ex-boss

Actress slammed allegations she had been fired as a result

In Summary

• She has set the record straight, saying she quit over threats, insults and non-payment

Mishi Dorah and Black Cinderella
Mishi Dorah and Black Cinderella
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Socialite Mishi Dorah has rubbished allegations she was fired from 'Nairobi D' after beating up the show's boss, Janet Mwaluda.

New cast Black Cinderella made the allegation. She told Word Is, "Mishi Dorah has been lying to people that she quit her job, yet she has been fired by Janet because of beating her up."

Adding, "She did that on our way to the Coast by hitting her with her phone, causing a black eye."


Word Is reached out to Mishi, who denied the claims. "I can't give her my attention. If I wanted to beat Janet, I'd be in the police station. I didn't beat her but I was almost. They said I hit her with an iPhone and I don't even have one, I'm not an iPhone person," she said.

"I quit the show because I wasn't being paid and was just doing donkey work. I am a mum and I'm being frustrated, I go to work every day and I don't have money to pay bills. Janet had the money and just squandered it and gave us peanuts. I was pissed off."

Mishi says she also received threats from her ex-boss, which she immediately reported.

"I used to understand her when cheques used to delay. Another reason I quit the show was because I was being threatened. She also insulted me. I don't take that lightly and I reported it and I have the OB number."

"The black eye she has was a fight with her friend in the house."

When asked to comment, Janet Mwaluda held back.

After exiting from 'Nairobi D', Mishi is focusing on her acting career both in the country and in Nigeria.