Akothee offers Sh20k for jacket

She has tried in vain to forget about it

In Summary

• It was lost by one of her daughters, whom she refused to name

Singer Akothee
Singer Akothee
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Singer Akothee, aka Madam Boss, is offering to gift Sh20,000 to anyone who finds her lost jacket.

She wrote on the gram that, "I have tried to forget this jacket but it keeps popping in my mind. One of my daughters must have misplaced my jacket, or one of their friends carried it from their house. My winter jacket, I don't want to mention her name.

"Please if you know my daughter forgot my expensive winter jacket in your wood or you picked it, Please I beg.  You don't need this kind of jacket in Kenya, there is no winter."


She went on to threaten to undress anyone whom she will find with anything she owns.

"Anyone one who finds my jacket I will give you 20,000. Secondly if you are visiting my daughters, I hate seeing my clothes on social media with people I don't know! I leave my clothes in my daughter's hostel just for them to feel mommy's presence, and you are there slaying with my clothes! I will undress you one day who shares clothes in this generation."