Stop stalking 'King Bae', says Zari Hassan

A photo of the two kissing recently went viral

In Summary

• King Bae is suspected to be her mystery man

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
Image: Courtesy

One Cedric Anthony Fouries has been alleged to be Zari Hassan's 'King Bae', the man she has been involved with.

This is after a photo of the two kissing went viral. She later took to social media to ask fans to reduce stalking him. 


"Compliments of the year and hoping y'all enjoyed the season. May I request tupunguze namna mnafuatilia Cedric. It's out of line with the level of stalking you are doing. I'm your person not him. Let's not cross the line. Santeni sana."

However, fans are not convinced this is the man she has been dating.