Willy Paul ends Rayvanny beef

He said he doesn't want to end 2019 with grudges

In Summary

• Willy Paul accused Rayvanny of 'stealing' song

Willy Paul and Rayvanny
Willy Paul and Rayvanny
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Willy Paul seems to have let things cool down in his beef with Ravyvanny, as he stepped into 2020 saying he didn’t want to go on holding a grudge.

Pozze had accused the Tanzanian singer of stealing his song “Chuchuma” when the WCB singer shared a teaser of the song online.

After the two songs were released, they appeared different but the beef continued.

Paul said in a social media video, “Okay, what’s up, people. I would like to bring this to the attention of people. [Rayvanny] is trying to steal from a Kenyan. Yet all along Kenyans have supported their music. I have gotten support from his country as well."

"Someone is stealing my idea. It is so painful. You cannot do that to a brother. You cannot steal and get away with it. My friend listen, nobody steals from Pozee!” he said in a video.

But now they seem to have buried the hatchet. Willy Paul shared a collabo he did with Vanny Boy called “Mmmh”.

“Anthem! Tag this guy.. ajione song ilivo kuwa kubwa.. big up to everyone one kwa support yenu.. #mmmh1 I dont want to end the year with grudges manze. God said, learn to forgive right? So haijalishi nini ama nini. Wacha kazi iendelee.. this song is still a masterpiece manze. Big up brother Rayvanny.”