Kenyan Hip hop artiste Jay talks about music, future plans

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• "I like the way King Kaka is taking a stand for our country" 

Hip-hop rapper James Masai Paul popularly known as HustlaJay
James Masai Paul popularly known as HustlaJay Hip-hop rapper James Masai Paul popularly known as HustlaJay
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James Masai Paul popularly known as HustlaJay is marketing himself to the world.

The Kenyan - Austria based hip-hop artitse has released a new song Gangsta Loving featuring a 20-year-old Austrian singer and student from Carinthia.

The rap heavyweight and human rights activist who's known for Minyororo ya haki hit, is working on an album with Swedish biggest rapper-producer Ken Ring. Speaking to Word Is on Wednesday, he said,


"It will show a lot of blending with European artists - to root my music in this scene and make a connection to Kenya and Africa as a whole. I have experimented a lot with different instruments and styles and I think my music has gained from that."

Jay, who's working and studying abroad applauded the local rappers for a good job saying, "I see the hip hop scene is ever-growing and becoming more purposeful. I like the way King Kaka is taking a stand for our country. The scene needs to be political and critical- it’s the hidden soul of hip hop to give voice to the voiceless and use its power for change."

Commenting about the Gengetone genre that has taken over the music industry he said,

"I think it’s important for youth to have their music and express themselves but I would like to see more conscious lyrics not only on sex and drugs. Being young doesn’t mean you have nothing important to say - you're the future."

The artiste admits that nothing comes easy and revealed that he has faced quite a number of challenges after relocating abroad among them racism. " Racism at the end is just fear. Fear of the “other “ - fear of not knowing what to expect from somebody looking different than what someone has known in their life.," he said adding, "My experience is that it's more difficult for the older generation to accept that humans are mixing their colors with no fear but with joy and love. They can’t imagine it’s possible but we are here to show them. Just like our kids will always show us a little glimpse of the possibilities of the future."

He is the founder of Africa is Now and is known for hits such as Continental scars featuring Tedd Josiah, Uhuru Africa and Hewani. Talking about his career, he said "Music right now is an investment and I hope one day it will bear fruits. You need to be very serious to get paid in any way- work and music!"