Femi One offered 600k for lungula

The Pilau Njeri hitmaker shared the news on social media

In Summary

• The femcee was offered the money for sex by a stranger

Femi One
Femi One
Image: Courtesy

Femcee Femi one took to social media to reveal that she was approached by a  stranger to give him pleasure for $6,000 (Sh600,000) for three nights in Malindi.

" I would love to have some good time with you. Currently, I'm in Malindi. If you can be available for the weekend it would be great. 6000 USD  for three days. I'll appreciate your response,"  wrote the stranger on social media.

The Pilau Njeri hitmaker responded, "I'm about to risk it all, if you see me in Malindi, don't get shocked."