Mwafaka woos artistes back to gospel industry

The theme is 'Returning Back To Your God'

In Summary

• There is a wave that came and people went from gospel to secular, founder says

Weezdom, nominee
Weezdom, nominee
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Founder of Mwafaka awards Didiero says this year's theme, 'Returning Back To Your God', was inspired by musicians who've ditched the gospel industry.

The awards will take place on Sunday at the Nairobi Cinema.

Speaking on the phone to Word Is on Wednesday, Didiero said judges look at details keenly and the projects someone has done.


"This year's theme came about after we felt like there was a wave that came and people went from gospel to secular and vice versa. We want people to come back," he said.

The awards' aim is to celebrate achievement, excellence and growth in gospel music, media and art.

"We are purely a gospel award. Mwafaka means excellence and a lot of guys are saying that right now, Gengetone secular is selling, and that it would be good for us to go that side," Didiero said.

"But Mwafaka is not a business, it's a calling. If it would have been a business, we would have already left it and done another thing. It's is a ministry where God has planted me.

"I'm not saying that the secular guys are bad, but we don't feel the need to do that, neither will we ever do it."

He says the future for this project is to cross borders and appreciate gospel ministers across the continent.

"We want to make Mwafaka to be East African and cross the borders into the African continent. We will know what God has planned for us," Didiero said.