Mbosso treasures late baby mama's photos

Bongo star and comedian Martha had a private relationship

In Summary

• He displays Martha's photos in the living room for remembrance

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Tanzanian singer Mbosso lost one of his baby mamas, Martha, a few months ago. The singer says he prays for her each day, hence the numerous photos in his house.

Speaking to Bongo 5, he said, "When I see the photos, I feel at peace. I remember her goodness. We were just put apart. She means a lot. I want to see her when I am in and also when I'm out of the house." 

Martha was a Tanzanian comedian who had kept her relationship and child with Mbosso a secret.


"I learnt that there are things you don't have to accept. I learnt that It's okay to put out your life in the open," he says.

The singer is making headlines with the song "Ate".