Embassy hosts Sherekea 3 Israeli Film Festival

GiveS a glimpse into Israeli lifestyle and culture.

In Summary
  • This is the third edition
  • Ten films from various genres have been showcased.
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The Israeli embassy hosted the opening of the third edition of Sherekea Israeli Film Festival at the Michael Joseph Centre on Tuesday.

Ten films from various genres, including comedy, drama, adventure and romance, have been showcased. They were all filmed in different cities in Israel and capture the lifestyles of people who live there.

The opening film was a dramatic comedy called Wedding Plan, which tells a story of hope, determination and success. The other nine films have been screening at the National Museums of Kenya from Wednesday to today.

This is the third year that Sherekea Israeli Film Festival has been successfully screened in Kenya. The festival has gained popularity and has created a platform for Kenyans to get a glimpse of Israeli lifestyle and culture.

The event was attended by various diplomats.