Onos Ariyo presents 'Breathe' at Ruach Festival

She is famous for her worship song 'Jehovah Ebenezer'

In Summary

• Album and show are an extension of her online worship programme

Onos Ariyo
Onos Ariyo
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Nigerian gospel musician Onos Ariyo was in the country for the Ruach Festival last week.

The singer introduced her album 'Breathe' to Kenyans. Speaking to Word Is on Thursday, she said it is a 12-track album that started last year as an online worship programme.

"This year, I took it to another level and decided to do a concert, an album and a tour," she said. "We've gone to Ghana, Canada, Lagos and next month I'll be doing Cameroon. It's been an amazing journey."


Onos is well known for her worship song 'Jehovah Ebenezer'.


"It is from my third album. When I recorded that song, I was pregnant with my second child and God gave me that song that season. I did it with so much ease and it has been a blessing to so many people. It is one of my favourites from that album."

She collaborated with Kenyan star Emmy Kosgei on the song 'Amen' and is looking forward to working with more Kenyans.

"Emmy Kosgei is a very good friend and we did a song together. I am in contact with Evelyn. I would also want to do more African collabos," she said.

Onos speaks highly of her husband, who doubles up as her manager.

"He manages me on an executive level. He understands what I do and I think I am blessed to be married to someone who has a heart for what I do," she said.

"He is such an amazing gift because it takes a man to release you to do what God has called you to do. One who is secure of himself and isn't scared of your success. He allows me to thrive and he is one of the best gifts that heaven blessed me with."


She went on to advise young gospel artistes against getting into ministry for the YouTube views.

"You have to do it for the love of ministry and not for fame and popularity because those things have their seasons. Your first major aim is to win souls and to see lives changed," Onos said.