Rose Muhando was an ‘outcast’ in her family

She was shunned for serving God, Kanze Dena says

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• Deputy State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena praises her resilience

Kanze Dena
Kanze Dena
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State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena has praised gospel singer Rose Muhando for rising above the odds.

Speaking at Rev Lucy Natasha's church, she said when she was young, especially when she was going through many challenges, she used to listen to Rose Muhando. "The song 'Nimekukimbilia' used to leave me in tears," she said.

Kanze challenged gospel artistes to produce songs that touch people's lives.


"If you didn't know, Rose was an outcast in her family because of serving God," she said.

"When she was young, she had a boil that would remove puss. When you hear that the Lord uplifts and you are there asking when the Lord will uplift you, don't give up. Your time is coming."

The former Citizen TV presenter encouraged the 'Nibebe' hitmaker to keep moving.

"When I heard something had happened to Rose, I was praying for her," Kanze said.

"When she came back is when I said that God is preparing a table before her enemies, that she will stand. Your cup is overflowing. You have gone through difficulties. You shall stand for the glory of God."

To get where she is now, Dena says it took her patience, hard work and trusting in God.

"I chopped potatoes to make chips and washed plates at a hotel. I was a waitress for some years," she said.


"I never knew what would become of my life, that I was going to stand today and be the person that I am, it was not even in my dreams. It is your faithful service that will speak for you."