Nimo shuns Seed cheating rumours

Couple settles the issues between them amicably

In Summary

• Wife says if she's not found him cheating, what others say doesn't count

Nimo Gachuiri
Nimo Gachuiri
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Mr Seed's wife Nimo Gachuiri says she doesn't believe any infidelity rumours from social media.

Talking to Word Is at the 'Mr Seed Live' event in Ruiru on Sunday, Nimo said, "Issues that are between the two of us, we settle them. I trust my man. I don't listen to whatever I hear, like things outside here, but if I've not found him cheating, that doesn't count. If I ever find out, I'll tell you."

The model-cum-entrepreneur made her debut recently in the song 'Superstar'.

"I have been singing but my hubby was the one who helped me make my debut in the music industry," she said.

"He told me to get into the studio and we did the song. He was the one who wrote the whole song and he thought it would have been a good idea if I sang something in it. I am not an artiste but I can join a church choir."