Pay salon services, Wahu tells Nameless

She was reacting to his hilarious Instagram post

In Summary

• Singer says there is nothing for free and no paying in kind

Nameless with Wahu
Nameless with Wahu
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Gospel singer Wahu has responded to Nameless' hilarious Instagram post asking not to pay salon services because it belongs to his wife.

Part of the post read, "Was just wondering, shouldn't I be getting these services for free because I am sleeping with the owner? Can I pay in kind?"

Wahu told Word Is on Sunday that just like any other person, her hubby should still pay.


"He is a customer like any other. He has been served so he needs to pay. There is nothing for free and no paying in kind," she said.

The singer is working on singles and collabos for her fans next year.

"This has been an amazing year, it's been wow. I won an award at some point. Generally, I have seen God's faithfulness on a personal and professional level. I have not done everything I wanted, but I'm sure I'm not the only Kenyan," she said.

"I have a lot. I have so many songs. Lots of collabos, so that's all I'm gonna say. 2020 is gonna be a good year for me."

Having surprised Size 8 with a baby shower, the 'Everything' hitmaker says Size 8 didn't want a shower for her second baby.

"I was part of the people who put it together. She didn't want it but we said it must happen. It was fun and I think she appreciated it."