Khali helped me thrive — Maluda

'Siringi' is the first single of his EP, which is a seven-track project talking about what he has been through

In Summary

• Rapper recounts ten years of 'rejection, sweat and blood' before winning an award

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Gospel rapper Maluda says he felt rejected after almost a decade of not making it in the music industry.

He told Word Is last week, "I have been in the industry since 2006, and 2016 is when I won an award. It took me 10 years of rejection, sweat and blood. I felt like most of the guys we did music with, their thrust came early. I reached out to them for support but they couldn't."

He recognised some of the people who have helped him become one of the top gospel artistes in the country.

"Khaligraph gave me a verse when he was at the top. It took me one phone call and that's why I will always respect him," he said.

"He showed me the business aspect of music. Juliani, Antoneosol and Kevo Kforce also helped me."