Rapper’s girlfriend angered by video vixens in shoot

Drunk boyfriend 'wasted her time'

In Summary

• Attempts to supervise his conduct proved in vain

A rapper dating a white girl recently got into her bad books after she tagged along to one of his video shoots only to witness a shoot too hot for comfort.

The video had a lot of vixens who were dressed to twerk. They were very much in his space, which got her upset. She made sure she followed him everywhere so he doesn't misbehave because he was very drunk. She commanded his every move and chased away any lady who came close to him.


"There is this specific vixen who was all over him. She even took his drink and chugged it down after asking if he remembers her from a previous video shoot," she said.

It got to a point she was mad at him because he wasted her time. She was late to pick her children in the man's car, which had alcohol and marijuana. She angrily left with him in a hurry even before the shoot was over.