Prof Jay for President? Rapper 'has the votes'

Rapper believes if he made it as MP, he can make it as President

In Summary

• Fans are telling him to aim higher, hence his lofty ambitions

Tanzanian rapper Prof Jay, real name Joseph Haule, says he is aiming for the presidency. He is currently an MP for Mikumi.

He told Dizzim Online over the weekend, "My people are telling me to aim higher, and don't ever get shocked if you hear I am running for the presidency. It is very possible. If people voted for me as MP, why should they not vote for me as President?"

He says when he started his music career, he never envisioned getting into politics.

"When I was rapping back in the day, people asked me whether I was going to be a politician and I would always refute," he said.

"I was singing what I felt. I came to know that what I was preaching, I would go and do it in action. I never knew I would be a politician. I was saying it on behalf of other people. 

"In the beginning, I was doing it for my fans, but now I'm doing it for the citizens. God had planned it for me. I think other artistes will finally get into politics. Leadership has now started through art."

The rapper-cum-politician is still at the top of music charts and vows to keep releasing more music.

"I am learning from new artistes because music has really changed. When I get a chance to go to music festivals, I do," he said.