Bensoul thanks mum for prayers in his new song

The song is also about his journey from Embu to the city

In Summary

• Singer used to get robbed while new in the city but is now famous and successful

Singer Bensoul says his new song, "Niombee", is dedicated to his mother for the many prayers she has said on his behalf.

He told Word Is on Friday, "This is a song I've written singing to my mother. Well, she and my grandma pray for me every morning. I believe their prayers help me even when I don't pray."

Adding, "I have learnt that family is important. I have been raised by my mum. My dad has not been there but he is still around. However, I don't know where he is."


The song is also about his journey from Embu to the city.

"I come from Embu, I was born and raised and came to Nairobi to study but ended up doing music instead. When I was fresh in the city, I used to get lost and also get robbed a lot, but I found my brothers H_art The Band in the streets and became brothers, and they've been taking care of me ever since."

Bensoul, who is one of the top artistes in Kenya, says he doesn't believe fame has polluted him as a person.

"I have been famous for sometime. Nimebaki tu vile vile, so I don't know, but I preach realness in my music. Everything that I do, I don't fake it, and I don't think fame has anything to do with who I am now," he said.

The Sol Generation signee also spilt the beans of a festival that the record label is planning for fans in 2020.

"I have another song coming out in December and bigger projects coming in January next year. Sol Generation has albums, EPs coming, and we have a festival we are organising for our fans. It is an exclusive Sol Generation festival."

He doesn't have Christmas plans as he is set to entertain his fans.


"I'll be working. There are bookings all over Nairobi. Kazi inaendelea," he said.

The singer is famed for hits like 'Lucy', 'Favourite Song' and 'Masheesha'.