Idris Sultan apologises to Magufuli

Joke gone awry

In Summary

• Comedian was arrested after posting a face-swap photo using the President's image 

Idris Sultan
Idris Sultan
Image: Courtesy

Tanzanian comedian Idris Sultan has apologised to President Magufuli for using his photo in an inappropriate way during his birthday.

He told the media at a press conference yesterday morning, "People take comedy in different ways because different people have different opinions. It is important to come together and clear things about what that meant.

"What I do is art and when I do something and end up disappointing a person, I have no otherwise but to ask for forgiveness.

"For the post that I put, I ask His Excellency President Pombe Magufuli to pardon me, as my father and my president. Let's leave the law aside. If I have wronged you, as a human, I ask for forgiveness. I posted the photo publicly and I am here, publicly asking for forgiveness."