Gengetone mulls ‘drawing the line’

Forum attended by artistes of the genre

In Summary

• Artistes urged to exercise creativity without incitement

Nelly The Goon
Nelly The Goon
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Gengetone stars met at The Alchemist on Monday ahead of the Kenyan Juice event that is set to go down at the venue on November 23.

'Tarimbo', a song by Gengetone stars Ethic, was among the discussions at the press conference.

Nelly The Goon, a member of Ochungulo Family, said, "Gengetone is big and we cannot limit the creativity of the artiste.

"There are people who like songs with curse words. What we will do is give an edited version to the media. What we want is for our music to really be played."  

DJ Kace said, "I think it's great that guys are expressing themselves, but if we get towards the 'rape lyrics', I'm uncomfortable with it and I'm not for it. Make your music, do your thing as long as we don't get to a point of promoting someone to get hurt. That's where I draw the line."