Bridget Achieng used Sh10 million to bleach

She was quick to opt for the method when she got the funds

In Summary

• If she had more money, she would have used 50 million

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng
Image: Courtesy

Reality TV star Bridget Achieng says since she started lightening her skin, she has used a total of Sh10 million.

"I didn't have money and when I got it, I said I will buy Kenya, I'll buy the world. If I had more money, right now I'd have used 50 million," she said on her YouTube channel.

Achieng, who just gave birth, is looking forward to getting two more kids.


"My stomach was just cut the other day, I haven't healed. I'm not pregnant but I want a house full of babies. A football camp or a rugby team," she said.

"Unfortunately, I can only get four babies, and the fourth one is by God's grace. But because I gave birth through CS, I can only get three babies straight. So trust me, I'm gonna give you three babies."

She said her son, Sekani, stopped breastfeeding right after she lost her mother.

"Sekani stopped breastfeeding when he was three months. I think due to my mum's death and stress, it made me lose milk. So my milk dried. So for the last few months, he does feed on breastmilk. Happy baby, happy mother."

She said that her man "Alejandro" is too fine to be exposed to the public.

"He is one fine something. I call him Alejandro. I will post his picture once he accepts to be public," she said.

"He is too fine that I'm not about to handle the thunder you women want to bring my way. I'm not ready to show him to the world, but we will revisit."