Don't involve children in parents' conflicts, says Akothee

She is the self-declared president of single mothers

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• The award-winning superstar is a mother of five

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Singer Akothee advises couples with children not to involve the kids in their personal issues once they decide to part ways.

The 'Give It To Me' hitmaker took to social media to say, "I have raised my children, knowing their father is alive, loved and respected even in his absence, but I used to gossip about him somewhere far from my kids before I healed...

"I have always stayed sober & calm knowing very well, my children are not the cause of my suffering, neither is their father, if the relationship dint work between us, it dint work for him too. Respect family values even when things go south!

"A child has only 1 biological father and 1 biological mother, take your love triangle elsewhere and raise your children in peace without putting or subjecting your children to hate their father/mother you will never win.when they grow up."