Jovial split with Otile over 'secret reason'

She doesn't want to talk about confidential things because they are 'in the contract'

In Summary

• Singer denied her new song 'Gubu', about a lover with a roving eye, is connected to her personal life

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Singer Jovial will take the reason behind her split with Otile Brown to her grave. The 'Zichune' hitmaker told Word Is on she and Brown agreed not to tell the world about their parting ways.

"We had agreed that our split is very confidential, but it's not something big. People think it's very difficult for a female artiste to work with a male unless there is a love relationship, but between Otile and I, there wasn't anything like that," she said.

"We knew each other from way back. I wouldn't want to talk about the confidential things because they are in the contract, but we parted ways on good terms.

"I had a contract for three years with Otile Brown but things happened and I'm not working with him anymore. I thank him for holding my hand and I want people to know we are in good terms. "

Jovial says she returned the car the 'Deja Vu' hitmaker had bought her.

"I returned his car back. I never even used it because I don't know how to drive," she said.

Jovial has released her latest song, 'Gubu', which talks about an ungrateful person, who likes complaining.

"I put this into love life, a person who has eyes for everyone yet I'm here giving him all the love. However, that's not about my personal life. My music is about daily life, it's very easy for people to relate with it. I have more collabos coming through from across East Africa."

She is currently signed under David Guoro's Hailemind after he split with singer Nadia Mukami. 

"I will not judge him about what happened between him and his previous artiste. I appreciate him because he understands me as a person," she said.